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Hallastaff Princess Warrior, Photograph supplied by Mr. M. Halladey


EDITORIAL by Ann Gatenby







POEM contributed by Kathy Palmer


REMINISCENCES by Muriel Masterman







Nettle Cottage


Dear Members and Friends

Sadly I feel I have to start this editorial with the really worrying news about Staffords in Germany, and I fear soon to spread to many other parts of Europe. Even Britain cannot be 100% sure that, in time, we will not be affected by European legislation. Our dogs are very much "on the fringe". For people who donít know what I am talking about (and Iím sure there cannot be many), it is the legislation going on in Germany regarding sixteen different breeds of dog (and Staffords are one of these) who will be outlawed in Germany following a sad incident of a small boy being attacked and killed by a Pit Bull and an American Staffordshire Terrier, not a Stafford as it was said to be by German officials. If these laws go through, in about ten years time there will not be one Stafford in Germany or many European countries. The owners of Staffordshire Bull Terriers over there are having a terrible time at the moment, and we must do all we can to help them. There are details at the end of this editorial of some useful phone numbers to use. Our Breed Council will do all it can and we will try to keep you informed of any vital information that comes to hand. In the meantime, try to be very careful and sensible owners of this lovely breed. Do not allow your dog to contravene any local laws because we are very close to Europe (I never wanted to be a European in the first place!!). If you want any information on this subject contact Mr. Phil Buckley, Press Officer, The Kennel Club, 1 Clarges Street, London W1Y 8AB OR phone 020 7518 1020 OR mobile 07977 548168 OR Email: pressoffice@thekennelclub.org.uk. Ring me if you want any literature on the subject.

On a happier note, our shows so far this year have been well attended, and seem to have been enjoyed by all who came. Unfortunately we have been told by the Kennel Club that we still do not have C.C.s for next year, but I feel we must be getting near to some sort of arrangement whereby even if we do not get tickets every year, surely there must be a way of sharing them with other clubs on a rotation basis. After all there are only two SBT clubs with tickets in the south (Southern Counties and the Western), whereas the Midlands and the North have ten, and we do have consistently good entries at our open shows.

The Judges Working Party continues to be a bit of a nightmare, but I think by next year we shall have it sorted out. If anyone wants to have their name on any of our judgesí lists, write to me with details of their judging experience, also stewarding experience and details of stud dogs, litters bred and seminars attended. We hope to have an official form to send applicants soon. If possible, we are going to have another seminar later this year or early next year. The last one was very popular, and hopefully we will be able to even improve on it.

Well, thatís all from me at the moment. Enjoy the Summer and the Summer shows, and remember to make your dog behave impeccably when other people and their dogs are around. At the moment we simply cannot afford to have any bad publicity, so it is in our own interests to "to the line" and keep our dogs well under control.

My very best wishes to you all and I hope you all have some good wins with your dogs this year.

Ann Gatenby

Important Phone Numbers

For your MP your first port of call could be a telephone directory



are listed for your area.

Details include addresses and phone & fax nos.



2, Queen Anneís Gate, London SW1.

Tel: 020 7227 4300 Fax: 020 7227 4302

MEPs are also listed for ENGLAND with addresses and phone & fax nos.


YELLOW PAGES - Look under political organisations



23, Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PZ

Tel 020 7824 1300. Fax: 020 7824 1435. e-mail: mail@german-embassy.ork.uk

Ambassador - Dr. Hans-Friedrich von Platz.



There can have been very few people more surprised than I was when, at the committee meeting immediately following our 2000 AGM where Dave Harris had stepped down, I suddenly found myself elected chairman of the Downlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club. And since I used to regularly harangue Dave for a column in this Newsletter, I suppose that itís only right that I show willing and put the proverbial pen to paper (or maybe that should be hand to keyboard these days).

Some of you will already know me (Iím one of the people normally hovering around the top table at Downlands shows), and many of you will know of me through the Newsletter, but for those of you who donít, let me come clean straight away by telling you that Iím not what youíd consider a Stafford person. Of course, I love dogs - especially Staffords, but I have no interest in judging, or the show ring. In fact Iíve only just acquired by first Stafford (gasp!), although I do feel a special affection for my mother-in-lawís gang of four Stafford bitches.

Whatís this?
I hear you say. Who is this person who knows virtually nothing, and how can an (almost) non-dog person possibly be Chairman of a breed club?

Well, Iíd be lying if I said I didnít share these concerns, and believe me I have had my doubts about it. Fortunately, I am privileged to serve on a strong and dedicated committee with people who not only know The Staffordshire Bull Terrier inside and out, but are steeped in Dog Lore and should help me keep to the straight and narrow. But to be perfectly honest, I strongly feel that there is a place for both the "businessman" and the "enthusiast" on the committee - too much of one or the other is a recipe of disaster, and that we are getting the balance right on the Downlands committee.

I was born in Exeter in 1968, and work in Information Technology for a large financial services company. I first became involved in the Downlands early in 1994 when I was introduced to the club by my girlfrend (later my wife, Vickie.) I had recently bought a PC, was given some word processing software (Lotus Ami Pro, I think) and suggested that the club newsletter might be enhanced in appearance if we were to retype all the copy rather than just pasting it onto sheets of A4 and duplicating it. Ann Gatenby, the Newsletter editor (and now my mother-in-law), accepted these ideas and I was drafted onto the Newsletter sub-committee. Later this was followed by a co-option onto the Committee, and after three years I qualified as a member in my own right.

So thereís my story so far. Useless chairman at the reins, or an indication that thereís hope for all (and any) of us? If Iím still here by the next issue of the Newsletter (and I intend to be) I hope Iíll be able to let you know. You might have your own ideas and thoughts on the subject - do write and let me know.

Iíll close by saying that the committee is striving hard to make the Downlands the club you want it to be, and the club that you deserve. We have some exciting initatives coming up and I look forward to playing an active part as the Downlands goes forward into the 21st Century.

Ben Kemp



Dear Editor

The few readers who know me will be aware that I have been out of the show scene for a few years and have just returned with my new puppy.

The result is that I may be out of touch with the current trends and this may lead me into deep waters.

At a show over last weekend I saw a young lady with a very bully dog (it won BOB) and felt that she was struggling a bit to keep it under control with a string thin collar and lead. Being the interfering old busybody that I am I went over and suggested that she might find it easier to control the dog with a broader collar.

I was firmly put in my place by the remark that this was the collar she was advised to use by an eminent breeder and judge (whom she named) because the narrower collar cut more sharply across the dogs windpipe to bring it under control. Suitably chastened I retired to nurse my wounds and wonder.

When I first showed my Stafford I was taught the following simple rules :-

1) Never use a choke chain or any collar to pull against the windpipe because the true Stafford will keep pulling until it suffocated.

2) To control your dog don't get into a pulling match because it will treat it as a game and pull back even harder. The answer is a short sharp jerk to bring it to heel.

3) Within reason a broader collar is better because it transfers your 'jerk' over a wider area and gives better control.

Perhaps I should be brought up to date, but I still like the look of a nice well polished broad collar on a bully staff although I may be accused of trying to perpetuate the Macho image. I may also be accused of being old fashioned but I admit to that anyway.


Sandy Boyd

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ oooOooo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dear Editor

Well, how many of you were watching the brilliant "OLIVER TWIST" on Sunday nights - well excellent adaptation of Charles Dickensí novel by Alan Bleasdale?

But how many of you may I ask, like myself and Terry watched just because BULLSEYE was a Stafford and not an English Bull Terrier as originally portrayed?

Sad we know, but come on, own up in the next edition of the DSBTC newsletter and we can all be sad together.

Incidentally, does anyone know who that Staffie is?

Thanks Ann for the wonderful job you do with this breed.

Sue and Terry Page


"Are you or arenít you? Have you got any babies in there?" This is the question I am constantly asking Domino as she basks in the sun on her chair, a poor consolation for the denial of her frolics in the wood. Never mind, we will soon be able to enjoy our walks together now that her season is almost over. She is too precious to risk any old mutt having his way with her, and she seems to understand that this is a time when once the plastic sheet goes under her bedding she has to make do with the garden.

In our wait to have her pregnancy confirmed, I cast my mind back to last year when she produced her first litter of magnificent babies sired by "Mr Jack" (Chelmstaff Soldier Boy at Rotherstaff). I had no doubt in my mind that she would be a wonderful mother, as hers was before her, but I was not prepared for the devotion of care or the instinctive mothering that went on, to prepare them for the outside world.

As a novice breeder (with grateful thanks to Ann Gatenby for being my mentor) I read books, took advice and prepared what I thought was the perfect spot for Domino to have her babies. Whelping box, complete with Banana box, towels and hottie were made ready, and for three nights I slept downstairs with her in case things should happen. In fact she showed very little sign of anything happening until on the third night I thought I should investigate some rather frantic licking that was going on, on the other side of the room. To my amazement I could see the bulging forewaters, and managed to get her into the whelping room. This is where my well laid plans fell apart as she decided to have the pups in the banana box, originally intended for the pups during whelping. Quite a squash.

Eventually five pups, four bitches and one dog were born. Having nine years of midwifery experience under my belt, I was still tearful at the wonder of seeing these little creatures make their way into the world. Practicality came into gear and each pupís time of birth was duly noted, the markings drawn and the pup weighed at an appropriate moment. All around 300 grams. I never saw the placentas as Domino, on a different planet now, dealt with everything.

I was a little anxious the next day as Mum was rather restless as I understand newly whelped bitches can be. I was quite taken aback though when, the next evening, she carried her pups one by one into her crate which is kept in the lounge. The door is rarely closed on her and she regards this as her very safe and private place. She obviously wanted to be near us, her extended family!!! After that it was all plain sailing, but this time if she wants to whelp in the lounge then who am I to stand in her way.

The most impressive memory I have of her as a mother teaching her pups was when they were getting adventurous in the garden. We were blessed with sunny weather and I made a pen for the garden that gave her access at will, but contained the pups. Occasionally I would take one out to go exploring under watchful eye. Dominoís behaviour became quite different and she appeared to really bully the pup who was on walkabout. I was quite upset initially, but tried not to interfere. As I watched she kept on and on until the pup turned round and growled at her. She then left it alone, obviously happy that it would stand up for itself. This happened with all the pups and was obviously a built-in instinct for the mother to start training them. I had in fact read of such behaviour in a book, but to see it in action was quite awesome. As the pups grew older, it seemed that her attitude changed somewhat for she would bully them again, this time to submission. I found this even more scary to watch, but she was obviously teaching them to have respect. We can learn a great deal from our four legged friends I think!

When the time came for the puppies to go to their new homes I was so worried at how Domino would feel. I felt quite a traitor. I neednít have worried because as she watched them go up the path in the arms of humans she had met a few times before, she just carried on chewing her bone. She had done her job, carried out her duties and was looking forward to a well earned rest. I wonder how she will feel when the day comes when we keep one!  But that will be a different story.

Guida Templeton


Hello, my name is Bess, Iím a small black brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier now approaching eight years old. My life began in Devon with my seven brothers and sisters. I went to live in Bournemouth not too far from the seaside. During the week I went to work with my master in his van, ate sandwiches with the workmen and sunbathed until hometime. Weekends were spent with the in-laws in the New Forest exploring.

In April 1994, upheaval, my master and family decide to move to France, so with a clean bill of health, off I go to deepest Brittany. My new home was an old ruin of a farmhouse (my temporary home was an ancient VW Camper) set in two glorious acres of Ďgardení. Here I could chase rabbits, foxes, even badgers. Life was blissful, but again after two years of renovations, work and a general slowing down of pace we were off again, this time to gay Paris. We rented a big apartment with friends off the Champs Elysees and for a time I became Bess, resident queen SBT of the Champs Elysees, with many an afternoon spent with my master drinking coffee, watching the world go by.

Work for my master was running an English pub in the centre, ĎThe Frog and Rosbifí, very apt I thought. Here I positioned myself at the end of the bar and welcomed the ex-pats with all the Staffie grace of a mini bulldozer.

Not long and off again, this time across the Seine to St Germain de Pres, a very posh quarter, but of course I fitted in no problem, and became quite a local attraction. "Excuse me monsieur, is it a French Bulldog Cross?" The cheek of it!! Again, life was peaceful, making friends with shopkeepers, flower sellers, the butcher, but soon, yep you guessed it, off again.

With a quick flirt with Holland, boring - too flat, we moved onward and downward to the South of France, firstly to Aix en Provence, the first Staffie to do Ďa year in Provenceí, then on to Marseille for World Cup 1998.

Again my master ran an English pub on the beach and I took up my place behind the bar. If my master was in the cellar I would take pride in guarding the till from any undesirables until his return (for this I earned one piece of rump steak per day, not bad eh?). I made friends with the locals ĎNo Iím not a Pit Bullí and ĎYes there is such a thing as an English SBTí, and patiently answered all the questions demanded.

I saw the English fans arrive (warm welcome there) and leave, and basically did a fine P.R. job for the breed. Each morning I would swim in the Med and walk in the Calangues, our house had a balcony so when not on Ďdutyí I would sunbathe and reminisce.

After a couple of years we heard that quarantine was to be scrapped. ĎWell thank goodnessí, I thought, Ďmaybe I too can visit at Christmas and not have to stay with friendsí. Itís not the same. So, with paperwork, microchip, jabs and numerous phone calls we were ready, and as it turns out, just in time because France has just been gripped with the same anti-dog hysteria as we were in 1992. But with the French being French it has brought about a law which makes our own Dangerous Dogs Act seem quite tame.

Without detail Staffies must be insured, registered with the local council, tattooed, microchipped and moosselled Ďsans exceptioní! Well as this storm raged we said our goodbyes to our friends and slipped away quietly to a small farmhouse in Brittany, finalised the paperwork and at 10am on 28th February with my new doggy passport I became the first SBT to return to English soil, minus the quarantine.

Well itís been a whirlwind six years, Iíll be glad to get my breath back, and get back to the Downlands, and maybe meet up with some old friends.

Glad to be back,

(ex-pat Staffie, now returned)



Out of all the answers we received we had one which really stood out, a spectacular top mark from Linda McCulloch. She wins a lovely collar by AE Collars which will be posted to her in the near future. Congratulations to Linda.

Look out for another quiz in this yearís Christmas edition of the Newsletter.

1. Name the bitch on the cover of The Stafford - Winter 1997/8 issue.?

Champion Spirestaff Avenging Angel of Tikkurilan

2. Who owns the affix "WILLOWSTAFF"?

Mick and Jenny Smith

3. Who is the secretary of the North Eastern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club?

Miss J E McLauchlan

4. Who bred Champion HIGHLAND DREAM?

Mr Frank McCann

5. Name the dog on the front cover of the Photo Review - first issue.

Champion Domino Flashy Lad

6. Who won Best Puppy in Breed at Bath Canine Society in 1996?

Bethane Moonlight Madonna

7. Name the editor of the Photo Review.

Mrs Pauline Raymond

8. Name the Best Bitch and Best in Show winner at the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Open Show, 21st July 1996, dogs judged by Mrs K Evans, bitches judged by Mr J Ford.

Samstaff Moonshine

9. Name the sire of Champion Fromestaff the Minstrel.

Champion Sparstaff Dominator

10. Name the sire and dam of Champion Bellglen Braws Best.

Sire - Am Ch Chainmakers Samsung of Rikamia

Dam - Ch Clairwell Lady in Red

11. Who gave Champion Timgold Rita the Raver her third ticket?

Mr Jim Beaufoy

12. Name the top SBT puppy of 1997.

Fawldstaff Fireflash

13. Name the top Stafford of 1998.

Champion Bowtmans Double Trouble

14. Name the top stud dog of 1997 and 1998.

Eastaff Tallyís Man

15. How many SBT breed clubs are there?


16. Name the sire of Breathless Mahoney at Janastaff and Darley Arabia.

Janastaff the Untouchable

17. Name the dam of Champion Wyrefare Prince Naseem.

Fromestaff Extravaganza of Wyrefare

18. What year was the Downlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club founded?


19. Steelyard Double Dash won the CC at which show, and who was the judge?

Scottish SBTC 1998 - Judge Bob Blackley



The Internet. The World Wide Web. An insidious, big brother-type organisation run by sinister computer nerds with a plan for world domination. Used by governments and criminals alike to help control an unsuspecting population. A haven for the corrupt, the perverse and the socially challenged.... or is it?

Well, some people seem to think so, anyway. To me, and to countless others, the Internet and the World Wide Web are a useful means of communication and a huge repository of information accessible to anyone with the necessary equipment.

You could be forgiven, at this point, for wondering what possible relevance does this have to dogs, and specifically the Downlands?

Well, think about it this way. The Internet is available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year.... in other words all the time. And itís available to the whole world. This was really brought home to me a couple of months ago when I managed to log on to the (still under construction) Downlands web site from Canada. It would have been about three oíclock in the morning UK time when I did it, too. So anyone can get information, anywhere, at any time.

The only drawback to this is that the Internet and World Wide Web are so huge that, unavoidably, a lot of the information is potentially out of date or just inaccurate. No-one controls or owns the Internet, so no one checks or verifies what goes up there. Unless you know and trust your source, it is wise not to make any life-changing decisions based on what you learn there.

So, here we have not only a chance for some of us to combine our love of technology with our love of dogs, but we can put it to good use as well by establishing a global presence for the Downlands. Yes, we do operate primarily in the Southern coastal counties of England, but our aims to further the welfare of the breed can now reach out world wide. We do have a small number of overseas members, and with the recent changes to the quarantine laws what is there to stop a family from the north of France popping over for a dog show? France is a pretty huge place, and it would probably be easier and cheaper for them than getting to Paris.

So a web site for the Downlands became inevitable. Only one problem though - nobody knew anybody who knew anything about web sites. How do you get them "up there"? How do you create them? No-one knew, but it was a good opportunity for someone to find out!

Having been intending to explore this sort of thing for some time, yours truly volunteered. The question was, what software would be required? From reading Computer magazines it seemed that Microsoft Frontpage 2000 was the current standard. After searching around - ironically on the Internet - I found it for what seemed like a good price and ordered it online. The software arrived two days later, and, I installed it on my PC and promptly tried it out. Exhausting the limits of my patience quite quickly, I popped into a book shop and brought a "quick course" book Then, as is usual for me, I forgot all about it for five months.....

...until one day I thought Iíd have a quick poke around with it again. Having borrowed a book on web design I read through this, went through the course, and started work.

One of the first things the design book says is to look at other sites and see how theyíve been built. There are a tremendous amount of very technical, professionally built web sites out there that we couldnít possibly hope to emulate at this early stage. After all, weíre learning as we go. So I looked around these, not to rip-off their ideas, but to gain inspiration from them.

I found six of our fellow clubs on the world wide web - the Southern Counties, Morecambe Bay & Cumbria, East Anglia, The North of Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Scottish clubs. Rescue is also represented. Iím hoping that space will be found in the next Newsletter to allow me to review some of these for those of you who either donít have internet access or are considering it - who knows, it may help you to decide that it is all worth it!

Not wanting to be left out, you can find the (at the time of writing still under construction) Downlands web site at:


Please bear with us while we get it all up and running. The aim is to make the site as useful as possible and for it to be updated whenever there is anything of interest. Please also bear in mind that we are only enthusiastic amateurs so if you do discover problems with it, the chances are that we don't know about them yet and an e-mail would be very much appreciated. Below is a list of the URLís (web addresses) of the sites Iíve found thus far, and these are also on the "links" page on our web site. Doubtlessly this is not an exhaustive list, so if anyone finds any more please drop me an e-mail and Iíll rectify it.

As usual for the Downlands, it will be only as good or as bad as you want it to be, so remember that your input and feedback is critical to the success of the site! Keep in touch!

Ben Kemp


This poem by an anonymous poet has been sent in by Kathy Palmer who,
 most of you will remember used to be our Treasurer.

The dogs all had a meeting
They came from near and far
Some came by public transport
While others came by car

But before they were allowed
To enter in the hall
Each had to hang its bottom
On a hook upon the wall

They all got nicely seated
Each motherís son and sire
When a dirty little yellow dog
Began to holler "Fire"!

They all jumped up together
They had no time to look
And each one grabbed at random
A bottom from a hook.....

This got their bottoms all mixed up
And made them very sore
To wear another bottom
They hadnít worn before

And thatís the reason why a dog
Will even leave a bone
To smell another bottom
In the hope to find his own!



Many of you will remember the letter sent by Ivor Keyes to our then secretary Steve Dickenson which was reporoduced in the last newsletter under the title ĎImportant Appealí on pages 28 and 29. This concerns research to be conducted by the Animal Health Trust (AHT) into Hereditary Cataracts in the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, to enable them to develop a DNA test available for breeders to determine if dogs or bitches are carriersprior to arranging matings. The target is £20000 - a quick bit of arithmetic shows that if the 18 breed clubs raise £1100 each then we will be almost there.

This was discussed at the Committee meeting on January 9th, and amongst a couple of fundraising ideas such as a charity Exemption show and a one-off lunchtime auction, Ben Kemp from the committee volunteered to go on a sponsored slim as he would be the first to admit he is larger than life in terms of physique rather than personality!

Ben is trying to lose FOUR STONE by the date of the Downlands October Show. His start weight was 16 Stone 12 pounds and progress to date has been fairly slow but consistent. Please help to motivate him to a healthier life style and raise money for an exceptionally good cause by sponsoring him for whatever you can - every little helps. He has had pledges from £30 for the lot to 25p per stone. The Downlands has opened a high interest savings account in which to deposit advance sponsorship or donations to ensure that the money is put to work while we wait with baited breath to see the results. We hope to unveil a new, slimline Ben on October 29th at the Bohunt Centre.

Ben told us, "Any help gratefully recieved. Preferably financial, but advice would also be welcome!"

We wish him good luck with his diet!


Most of our longer standing members will know (and Iím sure the newer members among you will have heard of) a lady called Mrs Muriel Masterman who until quite recently used to attend most of the Downlandsí shows with her sister Miss Gwen Morris. They are the owners of the very famous affix CAMDONIAN, their most famous dog being Ch Camdonian Contender. Sadly they can no longer attend the shows as they have no means of transport. However, Mrs Masterman has been taking a trip down memory lane, and the result is a fascinating letter for the newsletter, which will be serialised over two issues, so youíll have to be patient while awaiting part two!

Dear Editor

I have been trying to think of things you might find of interest to insert as snippets in the Newsletter and once started these memories come flooding back.

I remember on various occasions my sister and I befriending people new to the breed and instructing them into the history and standards of our breed. We inculcated them with the wisdom and lore that we had absorbed from the folk who had been responsible for the breed being accepted by The Kennel Club in 1935, people such as Mrs J Russell, Marjorie Jordan, Nap Cairns and many others, like Bill Boylan and other members of Southern Counties at the time. One of the people we helped was Fred Southall, absorbing gallons of tea and kilos of bread and cheese in the process, because although Fred was a Black Countryman whose family grew up with Staffords, this was not the show world, and the pup he bought from a Georgecroft bitch who we had out on breeding terms was the first Staff he himself had ever owned. We had arranged a mating for her, but the dog had not performed, and when I was telephoned as to whether I would accept a mating with Int Ch Head Lad of Vilmar I was happy to agree, and the dog Georgecroft Mandumas later sired Ch Bandits Brintiga. We had viewed the litter and Gwen, who had by now earned a well deserved name for picking winners from litters had already told Fred this puppy was the tops. Sadly, we had no room for more dogs, but took a bitch who gave us plenty of fun showing, as she took to it and was a real stunner in the ring. One all rounder told me that my then young dog would never beat her, but he was wrong because it was Ch Camdonian Contender in his gangly days. We showed under the Georgecroft prefix until we realised we were missing out on Breeder/Exhibitor classes and then applied for CAMDONIAN. We were fortunate because these dogs were products of the first litter from our Georgecroft Lady and sire Crossguns Showboy. We had kept Georgecroft Golden Boy who did splendidly at Southern Counties, winning certificates for Best Junior, Best of Breed and Best in Show, not bad for our first ventures! Golden Boy later sired Southallís Ch Fiery Goddess and the dam of Ch Game Penny, which made us purchase Ch Camdonian Contender when she was mated to Ch Rellim Ferryvale Victor. I mention these names as stalwarts of the breed at the time, and the forerunners of kennels which line bred back to Ch Camdonian Contender, such as Alec Waters and several other successful breeders.

Another thing I think might be of interest was the last tented show held on our Oval Exhibition Ground, for which I was, as Hon Sec and Show Manager, responsible, because Gwen had long been nagging Vic Pounds to become a judge, which he was very reluctant to do. However he credits me, not Gwen, as the person who got him into judging, since I was able to offer him the engagement to do so at this show, when we had excellent entries in a good number of classes of Staffs. Having accepted, Vic found it a very enjoyable day, and him having this change of mind has been a very good thing for our breed. Unfortunately, the high cost of marquees, benching etc. and all the paraphernalia required by The Kennel Club in those days took a heavy toll of club finances, with the result we had to do what so many clubs did, resort to Maidstone market as a venue, where we all met, but it was difficult to stamp the Club identity on the proceedings.

To be continued in Issue 24.............


There was almost a full turnout of delegates, with 5 observers.

1. The Stafford of the Year competition which is being held by the Western SBTC is going well and will be reported on again at the next meeting of the Breed Council

2. Correspondence a. There was an application from the Southern Cross SBTC (New South Wales) and the Netherlands SBTC for membership of the Breed Council. The motion was carried.

b. The East Anglian SBTC informed the Breed Council about a change of show dates. The new date is 16/09/2000.

c. There were a lot of letters from breed clubs complaining about the appointment by The Kennel Club of Vince Mitchell to judge a Championship show. The Secretary was asked to write to The Kennel Club stating that there was a lot of disquiet in the breed clubs about this appointment, and would the K.C. please consult the Breed Council in future on matters such as this.

3. There was a lot of discussion re. the new Judges List system, and it seems that this is a very ongoing situation which clubs have to get right before next year.

4. Election of Officers Alec Waters was proposed as Chairman - elected.

Alan Hedges was proposed as Secretary/Treasurer - elected.

Jenny Smith was proposed as P.R. Officer - elected.

5. The Balance Sheet was presented to the meeting and approved.

6. The subscription for membership of the Breed Council is to remain the same.

7. Election of Auditor This will be put on the next agenda.

8. It was proposed that Breed Council meetings should be held on the same weekends every year. Motion carried.

9. It was proposed by the SBTC of South Wales that Championship show judges should not judge the breed at Open show level. Motion failed.

10. The Breed Council Secretary will prepare annually the Councilís list of approved judges.

11. The SBTC of South Wales proposed that "in order to comply with The Kennel Club aim of having 20% non-specialists included on the judging lists, each breed club would submit two non-specialists from their area". This would equate to 36 non-specialist judges which will satisfy clubs and Kennel Club alike. Motion carried.

12. Mr Dootson raised the subject of putting £1 on all registrations to fund the DNA project. The Secretary will write to The Kennel Club about the viability of the scheme.

13. The usual reports were given by the Chairman, Secretary and P.R. Officer. Mr Ivor Keyes then gave a talk on the HC/DNA sub-committee. This item will be given a higher priority at the next meeting on 5th August 2000.


Our apologies and belated congratulations go to Mr and Mrs Halladey and their bitch Hallastaff Princess Warrior (see front cover) who should have been shown at the top of the bitch points table for 1999 with a total of 22 points. They are also the 1999 winners of the Oakshire Salver. Hereís the new look of the final table for 1999.


Name of Bitch




Hallastaff Princess Warrior




Elvinor Ebony Rose of Powerpack




Powerpack Satin Doll




Ramshire Katies Pride at Charis




Kerrisdale Crystal Maze at Marudi




Limerick Lace




Now that weíve held two of our three shows this year itís time to show you whoís winning the points so far. As you can see, in both dogs and bitches we have clear leaders emerging - in dogs we have Lorraine Brown and Kevin Harperís Veklorra Pretty Fly, and in the bitches, Derrick Biardís Kerrisdale Queen of the May. With the October show being the last one for this year, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top in the battle of the sexes!



Name of Dog




Veklorra Pretty Fly




Valglo Contender for Powerpack




Janastaff Wyatt Earp




Romancing Rebel




Danameres High Flyer




Arthurs Lad




Ramblestaff Jacknife




Janastaff Al Capone




Reneem Monster Munch




Topgun Brindle Buccaneer





Name of Bitch




Kerrisdale Queen of the May




Loxbull Dream of Ramblestaff




Ramblestaff Tied In Notts




Kerrisdale Tornado Queen




Elvinor Ebony Rose of Powerpack




Watgap Firedance




Maid to Order for Ramblestaff




Paulisa Going For Gold




Cottastaff |Return to Sender at Waystaff




Vanoric Venus de Milo




Jilorelle Kiera Rose




Beebeemi Simply Special




Rosies Petal




Nofeargear Tugboat Annie



Points compiled by Vickie Kemp

Last modified: 10 May 2017
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