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News Archive 2010

Newsletter Number 33

15th December 2010 - Newsletter Number Thirty Three will start being posted out to the membership tonight.  Weather permitting, it should arrive by Christmas.  The envelope also contains this year's renewal notice.  Enjoy the read!


Diary Page Updated

6th December 2010 - For those of you particularly well organised, please note that the dates of the 2012 Open Shows have been amended on our diary page.  The show previously listed as taking place on 26th February 2012 is now going to be on 15th January, and the show that was to take place on 25th November has been moved to 27th October.  Apologies for any inconvenience, but this is not our idea.  Check the diary page for the full story.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to inform you that the 2011 Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for 27th March.  All members will still get the standard notice of the AGM, this is just an advance warning!


Advocates Heavyweight is Best in November Open Show

28th November 2010 - Congratulations to the Taylor, Willoughby, Gent and Jackson partnership whose dog Advocates Heavyweight was judged best in show at The Bohunt Centre today on referee Peter Hopgood's decision.  Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex was Miss K. Stevens and Miss D. Raynsford's Raynstaff Do You Know Who I Am.  Best Puppy was Mr. & Mrs. P. Stanway and Miss L. McCulloch's Waystaff See The Stars.  For full results, click here to see the show results page.


Dylan Needs a Home

24th November 2010 - As many of you know, the Downlands SBT Club works closely with the Downlands Rescue.  The Rescue has had a dog in kennels for he past two months whilst efforts are made to find him a new home.  His name is Dylan, and he is around five-six years old and very re-homeable, but needs to go to a cat-free home.  He was at one point placed in a home with four cats with very unfortunate consequences for one of them.  Now that the weather is getting colder, a kennels is not the place a Stafford wants to be, although they are very kind to him.  All he needs is a nice, warm cat-free home, and somebody to love and look after, and be loved by, him.  He is good in the house and very affectionate (just like a Stafford, really!)

If you can help at all, please contact Ann Gatenby on 01730 828048.  Please, someone, help make it a happy Christmas for Dylan!

Dylan - a boy in need of a loving home



Championship Show Schedule available for Download

19th November 2010 - The Schedule for our 2011 Championship Show is now available for Download.  Click on the link above.


Discover Dogs Discount

4th November 2010 - The Kennel Club are offering a 10% discount on tickets for Discover Dogs which takes place at Earl's Court, London, next weekend, 13th and 14th November for all members of the Downlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club.  To claim your discount, you'll need to quote a code, which you can obtain by phoning our secretary, Ann Gatenby, on 01730 828048.  Enjoy!


A Stressful Time For Dogs

28th October 2010 - We're reposting this timely advice, first published last year.  The following is reproduced with the kind permission of Robin Glover.  Visit his website at www.robinglover.com for more good advice and information.

We are now approaching the time of year that puts dogs (and other family pets) under more stress that at any other. Halloween, Bonfire night and then the run up to Christmas.

Halloween, that wondrous time of the year when gangs of small, and not-so-small children travel from house to house demanding protection money. “Okay, Old Woman!  What’s it going to be, the sweets or your front window?”

The temptation is to go to the door with your dog.  Bad move, and potentially very dangerous for the dog.  He doesn’t know it’s Halloween and when he goes to the door with you and is confronted by loud, squealing, strangely-dressed creatures, he may well fall back into defence drive. All your dog, any dog knows, is how to be a dog. When a dog is threatened, angry, frightened or just hacked off; they don’t call their lawyers - they bite. It’s called survival.

If your dog bites, or even has a near miss with a child on your doorstep, even if the callers are at fault, you will be looking at a lot of grief and potentially fatal consequences for your dog - who, after all, only did what he thought was right.

When you answer the door at any time, but particularly at times like this, it's a good idea to put your dog in another room first.  After all, it’s not your dog's job to decide who can or can’t come into the house, is it? Play safe, and nothing can go wrong for you, your visitors or your best friend.

For Bonfire night, and the period of firework displays around it, you will hopefully already have a system in place to keep your dog safe and as relaxed as possible while all the noise is going on. If not, perhaps you’d better arrange a consultation with a dog listener before next year.  Of course, that is not going to help your dog now.  If your dog is not concerned with the noise then that’s fine, just carry on as normal.  If your dog sees you unconcerned he’ll be relaxed.  Under no circumstances comfort your dog - you will give him the signal that you are terrified too and he is right to be frightened.  If he does show signs of fright or stress, just take him by the collar and hold him at your side with no speech or eye contact.  He will, at first, continue to shake or bark.  Ignore it until he relaxes.  How long will this take? Who knows?  Every dog is different, but relax he will.  You can then silently release him.  It may be that shortly after there is another loud bang, and your dog becomes stressed again.  Repeat as above.  Each time you hold him by your side the time it takes for him to relax will decrease.

Which only leaves Christmas, another stressful time. So much to do, so little time and it’s started already. Money is in short supply, tempers get frayed. By the time the big day arrives, in some homes it’s a war zone.  Rowing parents, unwanted relatives, spoilt children and burnt turkey.  It can be bad for the humans - and we know what’s going on!  The poor old dog just wants to be left alone. Give him a bit of peace if you can, somewhere he can just go and chill out.

© 2004 - 2010 Robin Glover, PURE Dog Listener.  Reproduced by permission. 


Hands On Breed-Specific Judging Assessment Seminar Announced

6th September 2010 - We're delighted to announce that we'll be holding a Hands On Breed-specific Judging Assessment Seminar on Sunday 31st October. For full details please, follow this link to our seminar page.


June Open Show Judges' Write-ups Added To The Show Results Page

30th June 2010 - We're pleased to inform you that Dave Manito's and Mark Marshall's write-ups have now been added to the show results page.  Click on the link to see them.



7th June 2010 - Congratulations to Mr J. R. & Mrs S. A. Lowe and Mr A. Hedges, whose bitch Ramblix Revisitionist At Khanspride J.W. was judged Best in Show at the Downlands June 2010 Open show, held on 6th June at the Bohunt Centre, Liphook.  Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex was awarded to Miss J. Essex's Javawolf Mighty Mouse.  Best Puppy In Show went to Mr. N. & Mrs.Z. Robinson's Leger Son of an Irishman.  As ever, for full results please see our show results page where full placings and awards can be found.


Your Dog Needs YOU!

26th May 2010 - We have had an urgent request to pass this on to you all.  It comes from our friends at the Southern Counties SBT Society.

It is with grave concern and urgency that we feel it crucial to contact you and ask you to spread the word.

Are you aware of the Dog Control Bill that is currently on its second reading in the House of Lords and the effect it will have on all our dogs?
We believe this bill is aimed at status, illegal and dangerous dogs but it actually affects every dog in the country.
It is intended to replace the Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA) and other legislation, but actually extends the power of the law into your home and gardens.


Having taken legal opinion, it is imperative that you visit the DEFRA website and complete their online questionnaire which addresses a number of dog issues as well as this bill.


If you want to read the proposed bill, go to www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld200809/ldbills/009/09009.i-i.html


As the bill stands, there would be a far greater chance of your dog committing an offence that would be subject to the law, seizure and possible destruction.  For example:

  • Any act of aggression by your dog towards another animal or person can be deemed a reportable offence - with potentially fatal consequences.

  • How is your dog to know the difference between a trespasser and a burglar?

  • If your dog chases a cat that could be deemed an offence

  • Should your dog react to a child entering your garden to retrieve a lost ball, is that an offence?

This bill would remove your right to a trial by jury in a dog biting case, as it would seem that such offences could only be tried in the Magistrate's Court.  Also, if you wanted to appeal against a Dog Control Notice, then there would be no form of Legal Aid available to do so.

Even those responsible for the most serious dog biting incidents would only face a reduced maximum fine of £5000 instead of the current unlimited fine and a maximum of 6 month jail as opposed to the current 2 years.  Although the bill refers to a maximum 51-week sentence, magistrates are currently only able to impose a maximum 6 month sentence.

It is great that this bill would rescind breed-specific legislation.  However, the worst case scenario would be that during the committee stages this is reintroduced and then leave us with both BSL and the increased powers permitted by the bill.  DEFRA is currently consulting on dangerous dog related matters.  Whilst not specifically looking at this particular bill, DEFRA does ask for opinions on the law on breed specific legislation, dangerous dogs cases, Dog Control Notices as well as micro-chipping and insurance matters.  It is vital that as many of us as possible make DEFRA aware of our views on these matters, especially as this bill is already before the House of Lords.


In all likelihood, a local authority employee - who may have had only a few days training


DEFRA is conducting a consultation on this bill and other dog related matters.  It is vital that as many of us as possible make them aware how seriously this bill could affect us, the responsible dog owners.

Get involved, and tell as many people as possible about this.

This request originates from the SCSBTS Dog Control Bill sub-committee.

NOTE  - When completing the DEFRA questionnaire, please be aware that when you reach the end and press ”DONE” it will close, so make sure you have said all you want before pressing “DONE”.

There is no “print” option so if you want a record of what you have said try to “screen print” as you go.


Percy Tottman

8th May 2010 - We're sorry to inform you that we have today been advised that one of our life vice-presidents, Percy Tottman, passed away at the age of 89 on 15th April.  Percy was a founder member of the club, and our first show manager.  Our thoughts are with his family at this sad and difficult time.


Breed Council Health Seminar Announced

24th March 2010 - The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is holding a Health Seminar on Sunday 9th May at the Kennel Club building, Stoneleigh Park, Warks CV8 2LZ.  For further details, please see our diary page.


Jamie Mace Confirmed as President

08th March 2010 - We're pleased to announce that Jamie Mace was elected President of the Downlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club at the club's 2010 Annual General Meeting.  Jamie has been serving as acting President since the sad death of Pat Pritchard.  Jamie will now serve a two year term as President, in addition to continuing his duties as Show Manager.  Congratulations to Jamie, the club wishes you well.


Top Dogs 2009 Announced

07th March 2010 - The Top Dogs of 2009 have been announced.  As you know, there are three trophies which are available to members only.

1st A & J Norris Fantazmic Megaboon 26 pts
2nd Booth and Grimwood Ramblestaff Jorja on my Mind 24 pts
3rd Hughes Who Da Thought It Of Acutestaff 18pts

As the top scoring dog, Fantazmic Megaboon takes the Perleen Shield Ramblestaff Jorja On My Mind wins the Oakshire Salver (as top scoring bitch) and the Larry Cup (as top scoring puppy).  Congratulations and well done! 


Show Cancelled

28th February 2010 - For the first time in its 21-year history, the Downlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club has had to cancel a show.  Despite having done much of the set-up for the show on Saturday night, on 7.30 on Sunday morning committee members arrived at The Bohunt Centre, Liphook, to find that due to heavy rain overnight the sports hall was flooded.  The water was up to an inch deep in some areas.  The caretaker and members of the committee tried to mop up the water, but it was still raining, and as quickly as one area was dried it was soon back under water.  As the Bohunt Centre were unable to offer a suitable alternative facility, the show manager at this point reluctantly took the decision to cancel the show.

Committee members then remained on site at the Bohunt Centre until 10:30 to explain the situation to any exhibitors who made the journey.  The treasurer will be contacting all exhibitors over the next few days to arrange refunds or the transfer of entry fees to future shows as appropriate.

We apologise for the inconvenience and share your disappointment and frustration.  We will be seeking assurances from the venue that steps will be put in place to prevent this situation from recurring.  

Committee member Gill Thomas endures her second hour in the cold and wet,
 breaking the news to exhibitors that the show has been cancelled.



Happy New Year

3rd January 2010 - The officers and committee would like to wish the members of the club - and indeed their dogs - a very happy new year.  2009 was a challenging year, which the club has negotiated in good shape.  There will doubtless be further "interesting" times in the coming year, but the club remains firmly committed to its primary aim to further the Staffordshire Bull Terrier as a breed.

A few wishes for the new year:

  • A good turn out at the AGM on March 7th

  • A full committee - i.e. no vacancies

  • The election of a worthy successor to Pat Pritchard as President of the club

  • Well-supported shows (28th February, 6th June and 28th November)

  • That the media and press cease their tireless and inaccurate vilification of our breed - what is a so-called "Staffordshire Cross" anyway?  If it's not a purebred pedigree, it's not a Stafford - it's a mongrel

  • Interesting articles and input from the membership such that the club can publish another Newsletter

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