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News Archive 2003

October Show Results....

26th October 2003 - Tension and excitement at the climax of the October Downlands show today, with referee Richard
Vann being called in twice to help the judges decide.  Best in Show was Mr. & Mrs. Lay's Carnig Positive Profile, who
won Open Dog.  Reserve Best in show and best opposite sex was Mr. & Mrs. Brown's Limit Bitch winner 
Araidh Ladies Wot Lunch at Rotherstaff.  Dogs were judged by Penny Funnell and Bitches by Paul Gardner.  Please see the show results page for a full listing of classes and placings.

Sandra and Buster reunited! 

21st May 2003 - It gives us great pleasure to be able to bring you some good news.....

Buster (see 12th May news posting below) and his owner were reunited today after two weeks apart.  The thief sold him in a pub in tooting for £30.  Fortunately the purchaser had seen posters about the theft and contacted Sandra.  All at Downlands wish Sandra and Buster all the best for the future, and thanks to Sandra for letting us know.

The breed council has some excellent advice on its website about safeguarding your Stafford.  Read it here.

Another Missing Stafford....

12th May 2003 - With considerable regret, we have to report yet another missing Stafford....

Buster is missing, presumed stolen.  He was last seen in Rosebery Park, Epsom, Surrey on 6th May 2003. He was wearing a collar, and has been microchipped.  This neutered male is mostly red with a little white on his chest and a small tear to one ear.  A reward is offered for his safe return.  If you have any information, or can help in any way, please contact Sandra Martin on 01372 740521.

Annual General Meeting

23rd March 2003 - The Downlands AGM was held at Herne Farm Leisure Centre, The Crundles, Petersfield.  Some twenty-five members of the club attended.
Pat Pritchard was re-elected as president for a further two year term.
Chris Bruton, June Crookdake, Mavis Holland, Ben Kemp, Julie Land, Jamie Mace, Alan Muir and Gill Thomas were re-elected onto the committee by the membership.  Carrie Brown and Nigel Hunt were elected as new committee members (both have previously served on the committee).
The amendment to rule 14, Judges, was approved by the membership and will go forward to the Kennel Club.
Membership fees for the forthcoming year have been kept at 2003 levels.
At the committee meeting following the AGM, the officers were re-elected unanimously.
Brian Hall judged the member's match, which was won by Gill Thomas's dog Sunnystone Sporting Chance.


8th March 2003 - Congratulations to the Downlands Members who obtained placings at Crufts.  As far as we know they are:

2nd Graduate Dog:    Smart's BULLMITZ BON JOVI
1st Post Graduate Dog:    Manito's CROSSGUNS STUN GUN
1st Limit Dog:    Caetano and Muir's TORNADOSTORM THE LEGACY
3rd Open Dog:    Booth and Grimwood's RAMBLESTAFF JACKNIFE JW
2nd Special Puppy Bitch:    Brown's ARAIDH LADIES WOT LUNCH AT ROTHERSTAFF
3rd Special Puppy Bitch:    Taylor's TORNADOSTORM FIRST LADY
VHC Special Puppy Bitch:    Booth and Grimwood's RAMBLESTAFF SHARP EDGE
VHC Special Junior Bitch:    Turners ARAIDH LOVERS ROCK AT BONCHIEN
VHC Special Yearling Bitch:    Halladey's HALLASTAFF THE ACID QUEEN
Reserve Post Graduate Bitch:    Summerfield's CANAKEY DIAMOND TIGER LILY
1st Open Bitch, Bitch CC:    Brown and Hunt's Ch. CARNIG DOT CO UK
3rd Open Bitch:    McFadyen's Ch. ARAIDH DEVIL MAY CARE
VHC Special Veteran Bitch:    Funnell's POWERPACK SATIN DOLL

To any we've missed, apologies, please let us know and we'll add you to the list.  Thanks also to Elaine Bruton for the idea.

AGM Notices Sent Out

February 20th 2003 - The AGM notices have been sent out to the membership.  These are as follows:

To be held on 23rd March 2003 at Herne Farm Leisure Centre, The Crundles, Moggs Mead, Petersfield, Hants at 12:00 pm.

Please note:

  • Dogs will not be permitted in the hall while the Annual General Meeting and subsequent committee meeting is in progress.
  • The A.G.M. will be followed by a member’s match, judged by Brian Hall, which will then be followed by a short meeting of the new committee.
  • Members are respectfully requested to switch off their mobile phones for the duration of the Annual General Meeting.
  • Refreshments will be available.



  1. Opening of Meeting
  2. Appointment of Tellers
  3. Apologies for Absence
  4. Minutes of the 2002 Annual General Meeting
  5. Matters arising from the Minutes of the 2002 Annual General Meeting
  6. Chairman’s Report
  7. Secretary’s Report
  8. Treasurer’s Report
  9. Proposal from Vickie Kemp, seconded by Ben Kemp, amendment to rule 14, Judges:
  10. The judges for the club's annual shows shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting. Each judge is appointed two years in advance. The committee shall nominate from approved lists submitted by members six candidates for each of the club's shows. They shall use ballot papers to determine the final candidates.

    Shall be amended to:

    The judges for the club's annual shows shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting. Each judge is appointed two years in advance. The committee shall nominate from the club’s current Kennel Club approved lists six candidates for each of the club's shows. They shall use ballot papers to determine the final candidates.

    The reasons for this are mainly practical, as there are issues with the current method. There is no way of knowing if nominees are willing to judge, no details supplied about nominees (addresses, eligibility to judge), on occasion it is unclear whether the nominees even exist, and the Kennel Club are unlikely to object if the club selects judges from a list already approved by them.

  11. Judge’s list 2003 – 2004
  12. Appointment of judges for 2005 shows
  13. Election of President. Pat Pritchard has reached the end of her term of office, but is willing to stand for a further two-year term.
  14. Election of committee. The following have reached the end of their terms of office, but are willing to stand for a further two-year term: Chris Bruton, June Crookdake, Alan Foreman, Mavis Holland, Ben Kemp, Julie Land, Jamie Mace, and Alan Muir. Gill Thomas was co-opted onto the committee after the 2002 AGM and is required to stand down, but is willing to stand for a two-year term. There are also two further vacancies on the committee that were filled in 2002 by co-opted members ineligible for election at an AGM.
  15. Membership fees for 2004
  16. Adoption of Auditor
  17. Any Other Business (at President’s Discretion)

Ann Gatenby

Missing Stafford

February 13th 2003 - The Western SBT Rescue has requested that we place the following details on our website:

Duke (male, not neutered).  Black body with white feet and chest.  Few white hairs in small section on back.  Thin hair in front of his ears.  Medium size but stocky.  Five years old and wearing a collar.  Microchipped.  Went missing (possibly stolen) from Poole, Dorset on 6th February 2003.

Contact: madmax@saras57.fsnet.co.uk 

Two Reminders.......

January 29th 2003 - All club members from 2003 who have yet to renew their memberships are reminded that
the "31 days of grace" will expire at the end of January.  To avoid needing to re-apply for membership, please
ensure that your renewal forms reach the membership secretary as soon as possible.
Standing order memberships are now available which will take the hassle out of rejoining.

In accordance with rule 12 of the Downlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club, members are also reminded that
any items for inclusion on the agenda for the 2001 Annual General Meeting are required to be with the Club
Secretary by 31st January 2001.

Help Needed

26th January 2003 - Has your dog or bitch won a class at any Downlands show?  Do you have a good picture?
If you have - and you hold the copyright - and can help us it would be greatly appreciated.  We are starting two
new projects:
The first is the addition of pictures of class winners that we hope to add to the show results pages.  This was
suggested by someone who looked at the results on the website and would have liked to see the actual animals
(with the added possibility of stud bookings and matings).
The second is the Downlands Hall of Fame, which we hope to have ready for future shows, which will detail Best
in Show at all Downlands Shows going all the way back to the first.
Please e-mail them to us at the website, or send them in a stiff envelope to the Newsletter address, then we'll
scan them and send them straight back.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Stafford Stolen in Basingstoke

20th January 2003 - There is a £100 Reward for information leading to the safe recovery of an (inbred) Staffordshire
Bull Terrier Puppy, answering to the name of Sherman, which was stolen from a car parked at Warner Village,
Basingstoke at 8.45pm on Friday 17th January.  Please telephone 07765 062804, or Basingstoke Police on
0845 0454545, with any information that you may have.

January Show Results....

19th January 2003 - The January Downlands show today was a great success.  Despite a relatively low entry
and the poor weather there were a lot of people present and the show even managed to make a profit!  Junior
Bitch Winner Crossguns Romance, owned by Mr. W. and Mrs. J. Blacker was Best In Show.  Reserve best
in show and best opposite sex was the Open Dog class Winner Araidh Best The Devil Y'Know owned by
Mr. J. McFadyen.  Dogs were judged by Harry Carter and Bitches by John Ryder.  For a complete list of class
placings, please see the show results page.

New Arrival for The Lands....

19th January 2003 - Today Downlands Committee members Julie and Andy Land announced that they are
expecting a new addition to their family.  Trophy Secretary Julie and Vice Chairman Andy are already the
proud parents of Jake.  The new arrival is due in September, which has been cunningly planned so as not
to interfere with the smooth running of Downlands Shows.  We are sure that all club members will join the
committee in wishing the Lands hearty congratulations and all the very best.

Breed Council Health Seminar

18th January 2003 - A breed council health seminar will be held on Saturday 1st February 2003 at the George Inn,
Markfield, Leicester.
  Miss Carley Abramson DVM MRCVS (AHT Neurology Department) will be speaking about
Metabolic Disorder in the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The remainder of the day will be devoted to other health issues
regarding the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. If you would like to attend this seminar please advise Ann Gatenby by
Wednesday 22nd January, as we need to advise the Breed Council of the number of places required as soon as
possible. The cost will be approximately £6 - £8 (to include coffee and lunch) and will be determined when numbers
are known.

Newsletter Number 28 Delayed

January 7th 2003 - Reluctantly it has been decided to delay the production of the Winter 2002 Club Newsletter.
This is entirely due to a lack of material being submitted.  We would be grateful for contributions on any subject
pertaining to Staffords from any source - all we ask is that it is neither libellous nor offensive.  Of particular interest
to us would be people's opinions on the recent Christmas Party and match, and any Stafford club shows and your
thoughts and opinions.  As soon as we have enough material, we will add it to the (scant!) copy already compiled
and produce the Newsletter.  Please e-mail any contributions to dsbtnl@downlands.org.uk  as soon as possible.
Your co-operation is greatly appreciated. 


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