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News Archive 2009


21st November 2009 - All members will be aware that in the current "credit crunch" and recession climate, virtually all organisations are struggling.  Whilst the Downlands is in a healthy state financially, the committee is determined to ensure that the club remains so for the foreseeable future.  At the committee meeting held on 15th November 2009, it was agreed that sensible precautions should be taken to control costs and ensure that any expenses incurred are reasonable and of maximum benefit to the aims of the club.  This subject remains under discussion, but one major area of expense was identified - postage.  Therefore, with your renewals or confirmation of renewals for those members who pay by standing order, the membership secretary will be contacting all members to request e-mail addresses.  This is to ensure that any communications suitable for sending via e-mail can be distributed this way, thus reducing postage costs.  However, those members who do not have e-mail addresses will continue to receive communications via the Royal Mail.  It is hoped that this will realise significant savings.  A further change is that receipts for memberships will now no longer automatically be sent - they will be sent if requested only, and where possible, via e-mail, or handed out at shows and other events.  The committee trusts that these simple and easy to implement measures meet with the membership's approval as we seek to ensure the financial health of the club for years to come.     


Seminar News

1st November 2009 - Today, the Club held a seminar on "The Requirements of A Dog Show Judge", presented by Nick Bryce-Smith.  This would have been of particular interest to those who wish to progress from showing or breeding on to judging.  An interesting and informative two-hour presentation was followed by an optional exam.  A sumptuous lunchtime buffet was provided for all attendees.  After lunch, Lesley McFadyen gave an interesting and thought-provoking talk on Health Problems in Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  Thanks to all those who attended, the Downlands committee members, and particular thanks to Nick, Lesley and Gill Thomas who co-ordinated the event.   


A Stressful Time For Dogs

20th October 2009 - The following is reproduced with the kind permission of Robin Glover.  Visit his website at www.robinglover.com for more good advice and information.

We are now approaching the time of year that puts dogs (and other family pets) under more stress that at any other. Halloween, Bonfire night and then the run up to Christmas.

Halloween, that wondrous time of the year when gangs of small, and not-so-small children travel from house to house demanding protection money. ďOkay, Old Woman!  Whatís it going to be, the sweets or your front window?Ē

The temptation is to go to the door with your dog.  Bad move, and potentially very dangerous for the dog.  He doesnít know itís Halloween and when he goes to the door with you and is confronted by loud, squealing, strangely-dressed creatures, he may well fall back into defence drive. All your dog, any dog knows, is how to be a dog. When a dog is threatened, angry, frightened or just hacked off; they donít call their lawyers - they bite. Itís called survival.

If your dog bites, or even has a near miss with a child on your doorstep, even if the callers are at fault, you will be looking at a lot of grief and potentially fatal consequences for your dog - who, after all, only did what he thought was right.

When you answer the door at any time, but particularly at times like this, it's a good idea to put your dog in another room first.  After all, itís not your dog's job to decide who can or canít come into the house, is it? Play safe, and nothing can go wrong for you, your visitors or your best friend.

For Bonfire night, and the period of firework displays around it, you will hopefully already have a system in place to keep your dog safe and as relaxed as possible while all the noise is going on. If not, perhaps youíd better arrange a consultation with a dog listener before next year.  Of course, that is not going to help your dog now.  If your dog is not concerned with the noise then thatís fine, just carry on as normal.  If your dog sees you unconcerned heíll be relaxed.  Under no circumstances comfort your dog - you will give him the signal that you are terrified too and he is right to be frightened.  If he does show signs of fright or stress, just take him by the collar and hold him at your side with no speech or eye contact.  He will, at first, continue to shake or bark.  Ignore it until he relaxes.  How long will this take? Who knows?  Every dog is different, but relax he will.  You can then silently release him.  It may be that shortly after there is another loud bang, and your dog becomes stressed again.  Repeat as above.  Each time you hold him by your side the time it takes for him to relax will decrease.

Which only leaves Christmas, another stressful time. So much to do, so little time and itís started already. Money is in short supply, tempers get frayed. By the time the big day arrives, in some homes itís a war zone.  Rowing parents, unwanted relatives, spoilt children and burnt turkey.  It can be bad for the humans - and we know whatís going on!  The poor old dog just wants to be left alone. Give him a bit of peace if you can, somewhere he can just go and chill out.

© 2004 - 2010 Robin Glover, PURE Dog Listener.  Reproduced by permission.


Tidestaff Firecracker JW judged Best In Show

29th September 2009 - Congratulations to Miss B. Turner, who's bitch Tidestaff Firecracker JW was judged Best in Show at the Open Show held at the Bohunt Centre, Liphook on 27th September 2009.  Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex was awarded to Mr. & Mrs. Dowse's Rotherstaff Black Tie.  For full results please see our show results page.


Seminar Announced

30th August 2009 - we're pleased and excited to announce that the Downlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club will be hosting a seminar on Sunday 1st November 2009.  The title is "Requirements of Dog Show Judges."  There will also be a speaker in the afternoon.  For full details see our Seminar page.


Pat Pritchard's Funeral Details

30th May 2009 - we've been asked to inform you that Pat's funeral will be held at 2pm on Tuesday 9th June at North East Surrey Crematorium, Lower Morden Lane, Morden, Surrey, SM4 4NU.  Flowers to the undertakers, W A Truelove and Sons, 27-31 High Street, Cheam, Sutton, Surrey, SM3 8RE.


A Very Sad Loss

22nd May 2009 - it is with utter sadness and deep regret that we find ourselves having to advise you of the death of our President, Miss Pat Pritchard on Thursday 21st May.  We do not have much information at present, but will add news if and when appropriate.  Pat was a tireless worker for, and long-term champion of disadvantaged Staffords and made a difference to the lives of hundreds if not thousands of Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  Pat will be sorely missed by the Rescue, the Downlands Club, and all who knew her.  The world of Staffords will be a much poorer place without her.  Rest in peace, Pat.


2009 Championship Show Results and Write Up added to Show Results

24th March 2009 -  we're pleased to announce that both judges' write-ups of the 2009 Championship Show has been added to our Show Results page.  Read it here.  We apologise for the delay.


Important Information re: Code Of Ethics - Part Two

10th January 2009 - We're pleased to be able to inform you that the Kennel Club have now accepted our amendments to the new code of ethics and these take effect immediately.  You can read the new code of ethics here

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